• Zagreb1

    Crazy ride through downtown Zagreb

    Driving fast using armed cars has never been more interesting, at least as far as the citizens of Zagreb are considered. Croatian game developing studio - Gamepires, recently released "Gas Guzzlers...
  • Zagreb - bespilotne letjelice

    Largest photographic project in Croatia

    "National Geographic - Croatia from the air" is the name of photomonography by Davor Rosturaha. It is a series of photographs showing Croatia and all its beauty, the people and customs from the air.
  • Plitivce

    Croatia wins the world Media

    Summer temperatures have arrived, and with it plenty of praises to Croatia from foreign media.
  • Dubrovnik

    Superior Award for 30 Croatian destinations

    It is no surprise that most Croatian people consider their country to be the most beautiful in the world. But, when visitors from all around the world agree with them, then things start to get...
  • > The first rally for electric vehicles has started in Croatia The first " Nikola Tesla EV Rally Greece 2014 " has started . In rally may participate only electric vehicles with two , three or four wheels . The rally will take place on a specially planned route by which the set of so-called fast filling stations for electric vehicles was set . //23.09.2011
  • > Croatia is "Happy" Have you ever heard of the song "Happy"? The reason you have, is not only in the lyrics or melody, but in the video, which was made ​​for it. It involves different people, different age groups, which dance together or individually and sing the same song. Like many other towns the ones in Croatia have made their own versions of the video. //23.09.2011

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Weekend recommendation

Leuneci Horseshoe - where architecture meets nature

If you believe the forecast for the weekend in Zagreb we expect pleasant temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius. The invitation is for everyone that at the beginning of this above average hot spring to go out and walk the streets of the capital. While some would rather chose nature, and some would be looking looking at the architecture there is a site that can satisfy all tastes.

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Tuesday, 27.01.2015
  • Dubrovnik 8 °C
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  • Lastovo 6 °C
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  • Palagruža 8 °C
  • Ploče 2 °C
  • Pula 2 °C
  • Rab 3 °C
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