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Baška is the town of the oldest Glagolithic heritage. It is said that the 1800 metres long beach in Baška is the most beautiful beach on the Adriatic. Baška is also the most renowned tourist place on the island of Krk, with the largest number of attractive promenades. 

You will also discover the beauty of a old and peaceful fishermen`s town on the coast, surrounded by fertile fields, vineyards, the blueness of the sea on the east, and the whiteness of the stony hills on the north and the south.

Baška is a historical site, full of archaeological discoveries, but also a place where tourism thrives, with one of the largest wellness centres on the Adriatic, exceptional hotels, restaurants, apartments and above all – people who live for tourism and each and every guest.

Accommodation: Excellent hotels, apartments, private rooms, campsite, naturist camp

Natural sights

Almost 2 kilometres of sandy beaches, beaches in isolated bays around Baška, Lunar surface – stony plateau above Baška with the Diviška pool, Ornithological reserve Kuntrep (griffon vultures), the Vela rika spring.

Heritage, Wine, Food

The old Roman (Byzantium) Corinthia not far from Baška, the Church of St. Lucy in Jurandvor with the first Glagolithic monument from the 11th century, the remains of the Benedictine monastery above the town, the old city centre, the archaeological sites in Baška and in Batomalj, the parish church of the Holy Trinity, Mother of God of Gorice (Mary`s sanctuary).

The valley of Baška reveals its autochthonic wines along with the rich offer of fish food and, of course, the lamb from Krk, i.e. Baška lamb and characteristic dishes from the island of Krk that can be tasted in many exceptional restaurants and taverns in the old part of Baška.

Entertainment, Recreation, Excursions

Baška is a lively place, there are many summer manifestation, concerts, fishermen`s festivities, exhibitions in the gallery Zvonimir, Black sheep – a festivity in the sign of a sheep, one of the symbols of Baška, a huge aqua park, wellness, numerous courts for small sports, hundred kilometres of hiking and cycling tracks, the Baška climbing area, the Baška track of the Glagolithic script.

Trips to the island of Rab, Goli otok, Prvić, the tour around the island of Krk, boat tours to Corintiae (Vela and Mala luka).



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