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Crikvenica is situated on the gentle slopes of the coastal hills that slowly descend towards the sea, ending in beautiful beaches, immersed in the green of the Mediterranean. The town is enriched with spacious villas, beautiful hotels, and an interesting past.

Over the many years of its tourist history it was and has remained one of the most popular resorts on the Mediterranean. Many celebrities and many more tourists have visited Crikvenica and found reasons to come back again. With its kind hosts, all great connoisseurs of the tourism industry, Crikvenica and its neighbouring towns of Jadranovo, Dramalj and Selce are the core of the Crikvenica Riviera which attracts visitors over and over again.

Accommodation: Hotels, apartments, campsites, private rooms.


Natural sights

Fertile Vinodolska Valley with the Dubračina brook inland and maintained beaches (according to some, among the most beautiful in the Adriatic).

Heritage, Wine, Food

First hotel in Crikvenica The Archduchess Clotilde (today a seat of a medical agency Jadran), hotel Therapia (built in 1895), the customs building in Selce, Kaštel (today a hotel, formerly a monastery of The Order of Saint Paul the First Hermit, with a St. Mary Church). The hinterland treasures include a few Frankopan castles and forts (Grižane, Bribir, Drivenik), and remains of an ancient settlement on the Kotor hill. The wine varieties of Chardonay and Žlahtina (a Croatian white variety) from the Vinodolska Valley, which boasts several extensive vineyards, are the backbone of the enological offer, while the fish and the scampi from the Vinodolski Canal and other authentic dishes are the main delicacies on the gastronomical menu.


Entertainment, Recreation, Excursions

Concerts, exhibitions, fashion shows, night shows,  Ad Turesa Days dedicated to the Roman traditions, disco nights and traditional festivals will make your stay in Crikvenica more fun. Numerous sporting events, cycling and walking paths, launching grounds for hang gliding and paragliding.

Boat trips to the islands of Krk, Košljun, Vrbnik, Klimno, Kačjak and Rab, to Biserujka Cave, and by bus to the Plitvice lakes, Postojna Cave and to Venice, Italy.



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