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The town of Dubrovnik is no doubt one of the biggest Croatian brand names and is the first place which comes to mind for most foreign tourists. Once a city-state, the well-known Republic of Dubrovnik, along with Venice, was the most important maritime power on the Adriatic.

Today, Dubrovnik is considered one of the most attractive luxury destinations on the Mediterranean. In a unique way it combines the old with the new: a centuries-old history and the dynamicity of a modern European capital. Well worth discovering why George Bernard Shaw called this gem at the very south of Croatia a paradise on earth.

Accomodation: hotels, villas, apartments, campsites, ACI Dubrovnik Marina and nearby rural farms.


Natural sights

Port of Gruška and the Elaphiti Islands, the islands of Lokrum, Lopud, Šipan and Koločep, Bay of Rijeka Dubrovačka, numerous city beaches, especially the Banje Beach, voted one of the most beautiful beaches in 2007.


Heritage, Wine, Food

The whole town looks like one big museum because of the magnificent walls with the Minčeta tower and the St. John fortress, the forts of Lovrijenac, Bokar, Revelin and St. Luke, and numerous palaces and monuments. The Duke's Palace, the Franciscan monastery, one of the oldest European pharmacies, the cathedral of the Virgin Mary's Assumption, the church of St. Blaise, the patron saint of Dubrovnik, Orlando's Column, the Sponza Palace. Even the beginnings of Croatian literature can be considered Dubrovnik's heritage. During the Renaissance period Croatian literature flourished here and was equal to that of other European nations. Dubrovnik offers a rich culinary experience: the green Dubrovnik-style minestra, the clotted-cream cake and rozata - Dubrovnik's own crème caramel. Among wines, the most famous is the Dubrovnik Malvasia.


Entertainment, Recreation, Excursions

Dubrovnik has a century-long tradition of theatre productions and it is no surprise that the performing arts and cultural events in general are Dubrovnik's favourites - Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Libertas Film festival, the St. Blaise Festival.

There are organised excursions to the Elaphite Islands, Mljet National Park, Lokrum Island, Pelješac peninsula, but also to Montenegro (Boka Kotorska) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Međugorje and Mostar). Water sports are extremely popular, especially kayaking and scuba diving.

Getting there

Dubrovnik is well connected nationally and internationally by most forms of transport, except train.

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