Moslavac (Furmint blanc, Posipon, Sipon, Grasa, Malvasia Verde, Sziget, Shipon, Luttenberger, Zapfner, Zilavka, Gelber Furmint, Mosler, Mosler Gelber, Moslavac white and Furmint) is a white wine sort.
It is considered an indigenous variety of Moslavina which is not scientifically proven.

It is distinguished by the golden wheat colo with a very distinctive fresh fruity aroma of lemon.  It its flavour you can taste the peach and honey.
Unlike a lot of scarlet, it has enough alcohols and acids which allow better keeping.

Moslavac is used for production of predicate wines, late harvest wines, and for longer periods of maturation. It is best to drink when it is 3 - 5 years old.
Predicate Moslavac is served as an aperitif or after meals, and dry from the regular harvest as an appetizer with hot entrees with butter saucers and cheese, spreadable cheese, breaded and melted cheese, roasted pork and lamb.

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