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Ilok is a distinct tourist destination, the town of monuments and wine, situated at the easternmost part of Croatia, at undulating slopes of Fruška gora, between vineyards of Srijem and European Danube.

The old wine cellars of Ilok are a monument of its own kind. Whoever comes to Ilok, grows richer both in spirit and in body, and leaves merrier only to return again.

St. John of Capistrano (an apostle of Europe), who was buried in Ilok still attracts numerous tourists - pilgrims who come to pay their respect. The largest part of the fort built by the governor Nikola Iločki in the 15th century is still there.

Accomodation: hotel, boarding houses, apartments, private accommodation.


Natural sights

Hillsides of Fruška gora (the only habitat of the imperial eagle in Croatia), Dunav-Dunavac, authentic villages Bapska and Šarengrad in Srijem.

Heritage, Wine, Food

The medieval centre – a protected cultural-historical complex, encompasses a massive fort, the royal castle, church and a monastery with a tower and gallery «Kapistran», rare Islamic buildings, turbas and a hamam, a luxuriant park and gardens, deeply entrenched old wine cellars, and a high-point overlooking the Danube and the Bačka plain. Ilok is the city of wine. The grapevine had been raised by the Illyrians, and then by the Romans. Even today, viticulture is the basis of Ilok`s economy. Ilok`s wine route, which includes 12 wineries, is well marked and passes through the streets of Ilok. Ilok has both old wine cellars that are dug into the hill, and interesting new wineries that offer good quality and selected wines of the wine-growing hills of Srijem, mostly Traminac and Graševina. The cuisine is a mixture of the Slavonian and Austro-Hungarian culinary tradition and includes Ilok “čevap“ (minced meat), čobanac (fish stew), sausages from Srijem and especially the fish stew (with paprika) and other dishes made from freshwater fish.


Entertainment, Recreation, Excursions

Enjoying the wine and food delicacies, walking through the old town to the Danube, wine roads (through inhabited places and vineyards), cycling (marked international Danube cycling route and local tracks), boat rides on the Danube – on “čiklja” boat and kayak, swimming on the beach, possibilities of hunting, walking in the woods – a hiking track to the top of Lisak, village Bapska, a typical Srijem village with a 6500 years old Neolithic necropolis, church-monastery and the fort in Šarengrad.



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