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Krasno is a village grown in a heart of Croatian mountain Velebit. The village lies at the entry to the National park North Velebit

Located in a spacious Velebits pit, Krasno captures with tameness and a peace ideal for a break from urban life. Lately, Krasno has started turning to tourism; winter (hiking routes on Velebit) and religious (known sanctuary).

Accomodation: Private rooms and apartments, lodgings and smaller hotels. One hotel in the sanctuary of the Holy Mother.


Natural sights

Velebit and its magnificent wilderness is the main natural attraction of Krasno.


Heritage, Wine, Food

The legend says that on a hill not far from Krasno, shepherds saw Mother of God who with miraculous healings turned Krasno into one of the most famous sanctuaries in Croatia. Several years ago a forestry museum has been opened. In the city, people make the herb-flavoured brandy from Velebit - a brandy is an elixir of twenty medicinal herbs. There is also the increasingly famous cheese from Krasno. In restaurants and lodgings one should taste the lamb from Lika.

Entertainment, Recreation, Excursions

Walks around the town and the vicinity. After a 15-minute drive (macadam) or several hours of walking, one reaches the grandiose cliffs (sheer rocks) of Northern Velebit. Not far from Krasno is Kuterevo, with a shelter for bears and only half an hour drive will take you to the valley of river Gacka (a fishing area for the brook trout), or to the old town of Senj on the Adriatic coast, where during the summer you can enjoy swimming in the sea.

Traffic connectivity

Krasno is connected to the Adriatic motorway with paved roads that are well maintained and cleaned of snow during the winter (place Jurjevo) and to the highway ZagrebSplit (the Otočac junction).



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