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Kostrena is situated near the city of Rijeka. It is framed by Martinšćica cove and Bakar bay. Kostrena peninsula is 10km long and is mildly descending towards the coast. The are is rich with beautiful beaches which, during the summer, attracts thosuands of visitors. The most known and the most visited beaches are: the beach in Žurkovo inlet, Smokvinovo, Svežanj , Spužvina, Podražica, Nova voda and Perilo.

Kostrena consists of around 20 villages. Most of these villages were named after families who lived there. Nowadays most populated are: Vrh Martinšćica, Glavani, Sv. Lucija, Rožmanići i Paveki. It is a characteristic karst area with mediterranean flora, familiar dry stone walls, and mild climate which sometimes changes due to the strong gusts of gale.

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