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Lokve were first mentioned in 1481. After the Louisiana road was constructed, Lokve started to develop as a traffic centre which connected inland with a coast. The town is known for Omladinsko lake where you can fish for trout, chub and carp. The biggest trout caught in the lake was 138cm long and weighted 24,40kg. The town is situated in a beautiful landscape of Gorski Kotar, near cities of Zagreb and Rijeka. Tourism is well developed and continues to grow, each tourist can find something to enjoy and relax on their holidays.

Natural sights

Nearby is the Lokvarka cave with six stories (four are available for visiting), its rich speleothems, paths and fencing. This is a remarkable gift of nature. Walking paths lead to a 250 year old fir tree (called "forest queen", or to the Hells gate - a gate-entrance in a rock. During the summer you can go sightseeing with a tourist guide. You can find a refreshment in Brvnara (at the entrance to the area).

Worth seeing are forest Park Golubinjak, and farms Lasac and Mrzla Vodica. The mountains Snježnik, Bitoraj and Bjelolasica surround the area. The beauty of woods, rivers, farmed fields, houses with specific roofing, mountain flora, and picturesque landscape make Lokve an attractive tourist destination.

Heritage, Wine, Food

The area is rich with mushrooms (there are some 30 types). Mushrooms are one of the local specialties and are used in many dishes. This beautiful area is rich with springs, lakes, rivers, river rapids, and waterfalls. You can find a wide variation of fish being offered at local restaurants and taverns. Fish is mostly prepared fried, barbequed, or boiled. Gastronomy offer also includes game dishes, doe loin, rabbit, boar or bear steak.

In spring you should visit Žabarska night. A known festivity with frog jumping competition, music, drinks and specialty - frog legs. One of the best known dishes is dumplings with stew made of game meat and cranberries. Finally, you will be served with top class wines and homemade brandy.

Entertainment, Recreation, Excursions

If you'd like to relax and enjoy in a charming and unspoiled nature, then visit Kupska valley, Zeleni vir, forest Park Golubinjak, Protected landscape Kamačnik, national park Risnjak, spring of river Kupa. All these magnificent nature's beauty are enreiched with sports and recreational offer to provide you an interesting and unforgettable holidays.

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