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Mrkopalj is also called the craddle of croatian skiing. A birthplace of Jakov Fak - the winner of bronze medal in biathlon at the Olympics and World championship. Mrkopalj is situated at the elevation of 924m, 40km from the city of Rijeka and 60km from the city of Zagreb. It is one of the oldest mountain towns, with long and interesting history. Ski slope Čelimbaša is located at Mrkopalj field, between Viševica i Bitoraj. The town is well known for its hospitality.

Natural sights

Beautiful rivers, springs, waterfalls, mountain flora, and woods. All these gifts of nature make Mrkopalj a unique tourist destination.

Heritage, Wine, Food

Mrkopalj is rich with archaeological findings such as churches from Middle Age. At the beginning of 18th century the Carolina road passed through the town. It was a unique road in the world.

During the summer you can enjoy walking in woods, and in winter you can spend your holidays skiing. Gastronomical offer includes local specialties together with top class wines and homemade brandy šljivovica. It is a beautiful peace oasis.

Entertainment, Recreation, Excursions

Here you will find a various ways to relax (walk, cycle, play football, basketball, tennis...). You can go fishing or hunting in the nearby woods. During the winter you can enjoy skiing and sledging.

Excursions are organized to surrounding areas.

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