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Osor has a population of just over 100 inhabitants (the number is much higher during the summer). Once it was a center of Cres-Lošinj archipelago. The town of Apsorus (greek name for Osor) has been built at the narrow land coating which connected two big islands. During the Ancient time a channel was dug through the coating, and it's still functional. The town is surrounded by wall that was built in Middle Age. Osor is a monument in the open, with Roman, Middle Age, and Venetian remains. A walk through the towns streets will inspire you. It is a place for a relaxing holidays, while its surroundings offer interesting possibilities for fun and recreation.

Accommodation: two campsites, apartments and rooms.

Natural sights

Mountain Osoršćica with numerous caves (St. Gaudencius cave, Vela pit). Area of Punta Križa is a true national park rich with flora nad fauna, oak woods, and cave Jami in the centre. The shallows, east of town, with specific ecosystem.

Heritage, Wine Food

Osor is a unique cultural and historical complex, the Osor's gospel from 1070, a town hall (1450) with lodge and clock tower, cathedral (1497 - gothic-renaissance style) built under influence of Juraj Dalmatinac and by the model of Šibenik cathedral, bishops palace (1484), town square, Roman-Middle Age walls and town gate, town well, town walls, Town museum, Osor archaeological collection, Museum of sacral arts, Osor's park of sculptures "Sculpting and music".

We recommend olive oil from cres-lošinj archipelago, excellent fish dishes and seafood from our sea, and finally lamb from Cres island.

Entertainment, Recreation, Excursions

Osor music evenings, concerts and exhibitions, walking and cycling routes, hiking route to the top of Osoršćica mountain, cave St. Gaudencia and Vela pit, fishing, diving, hunting at Punta Križa hunting ground.

Excursions to the town of Cres, Punta Križa, Lošinj island, birdwatching (griffon vulture).

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