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Vrbovsko is situated in the east part of Gorski Kotar. The river Kupa stands between town and Slovenia. Vrbovsko landscape has all the beauty provided by charming woods, forest glades, farm fields - that have emerged in a valley surrounded by hundred years old trees, sound of rivers that are fizzling and hopping over travertine barriers and fall down a steep waterfalls. Odra and Kupa are competing in their beauty. Visit this remarkable nature which will leave you breathless. You will enjoy your holidays in Vrbovsko where you can relax in an unspoiled nature. The town is situated halfway between the cities of Zagred and Rijeka, and it has good road and railway connections.

Natural sights

Vrbovsko is rich with nature's beauty. Characterized by rich and dense woods, high mountains, clear mountain springs and rivers, green valleys between these "gigantic" peaks that are reaching for the sky. It's particulary charming in the winter, when snow covers fields and roads, when trees wear its white robes, and river is proudly wearing its frozen icicles that are gleaming in the winter sun. This contrast influenced by continental climate, makes Vrbovsko a top tourist destination.

Heritage, Wine, Food

It is one of the oldest towns in Gorski Kotar. Written monuments date from 1481, and most probably the town existed even before that. Well known is a parish church of St. John Nepomuk, built in Gothic style. The oldest orthodox monastery in Europe with church of St. John Preteća is situated in Gomirje, and a memorial museum Ivan Goran Kovačić Lukovdol - a birthplace and cultural centre of Vrbovsko. In the beginning Frankopans ruled in the area, but after the Turks attacks, it entered a military frontier.

The Carolina road was built in 1732 which contributed to development of the town, afterwards in 1765 the town exits military frontier and gains privileges. It was declared marketplace, and started cultural, civilizational and traffic dvelopment. At the beginning of 19th century, with the construction of Louisiana road, toursim started to develop. In 1900 hotel Croatia has been built with 25 rooms, showroom and bowling centre. In them days it was the biggest hotel in the area between Zagreb and Rijeka.

Gastronomy offer is well known and includes: game meat specialties, cabbage dishes with homemade susages, and other local specialties. One should try top class wines and homemade plum brandy (šljivovica).

Entertainment, Recreation, Excursions

Vrbovsko has a long tourism tradition, and a perfect tourist offer. Here you can choose whether you would like to take a walk by the river Kačamnik or on the walking route Skakavac. You can go hiking, cycling (there are several cycling routes), hunting, canoeing, fishing or swimming.

Winter in all its beauty is a story for itself. You can be sure to enjoy your holidays in Vrbovsko.

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