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Prestigious international tourism organization Skal International has been giving awards for sustainable tourism development for 11 years. The island of Lošinj won the first place this year.

Skal International organization consists of world tourism leaders whose aim is to promote tourism on the global level. Organisation is a part of World tourism organization UNWTO and it has more than 18 thousand members in 90 countries all over the world. This year, winner was declared on 19th September at 74th SKAL World Congress which was held on a cruise ship Carnival Glory. The award was given to Katarina Hauptfeld, president of SKAL Club International Kvarner and Croatian representative in the SKAL International Council. It is interesting that Lošinj was also recognized by experts last year when it won a second place.

Veli Lošinj

The island of Lošinj won the prize primarily because of its large contribution to the preservation of the natural environment and cultural heritage. Business capacity and numerous innovations in the tourism industry was also recognized.

The proofs that Lošinj deserved the award are numerous projects which have been run in the last few years. This year the "Program of sustainable tourism" was accepted and it is just an extension of existing project "Lošinj - island of vitality". A lot of effort has been devoted into the development of the project "Fragrances and tastes of Lošinj" whose aim is that Lošinj become a famous destination of aromatherapy.

Mali Lošinj

In the city Mali Lošinj new infrastructure investments are also planed to increase the quality of accommodation. A new model of waste management and water supply will be introduced in the future. Also, the town will continue to encourage energy efficiency and environmentally friendly constructions. In addition to all, realization of many projects will be continued to raise the level of satisfaction with tourists and the local population.

Written by: Stela Lechpammer
Photography: TZ Mali Lošinj

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