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NUMBER OF SITE VISITS FOR THE PERIOD 04.11.2011 - 04.12.2011.

Since the official launching and presenting of the project and the site "Pearls - Touch of Croatia", both are accomplished, we can say, great success in the number of visitors.
In just 30 days the portal has reached a figure of more than 12,000 visitors of which approximately 10,000 unique.

More than 38,000 pages of the site were visited by 69 countries worldwide.
Apart from Croatia, the most portals visits are registered from Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro.

All the above data shows that the editorial board of the portal entirely hit the targeted markets as well as contents and themes that can be of further interest to the potential visitors of Croatia.

Data source: Google Analytics

Rijeka, 05.12. 2011.

Pearls of Croatia editorial board

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