Opening ceremony of the rural households “Manjon A- A A+

From the breeding to the table - this is a basic guiding principle of Alma Cvjetković, owner of the trades "Helicikultura" and the farm "Manjon" which was recently opened in Rukavac, near Opatija. Catering facility is located in the building where they process snails, which the family has held for twenty years. With the delicacy of snails, you will find a variety of homemade, but rather forgotten dishes such as “burgujski Kapuze”, asparagus, cherries, and delicious dormice on offer.

The family has developed its own brand name "Temple of taste," which, so far, produced snail’s salami and finished sauce, and other snail’s products are in preparation.

Culinary delights in the newly opened restaurant are intended mainly for groups - tourists, business people, other celebrations and their wish is to become the host of the tourism activities in the Kvarner region and Matulji, on the occasions such as: biking and walking tours, historical tours or a carnival tradition.

It is certainly commendable, but also an encouraged to others to begin to develop agro-tourism on the Kvarner region, which still lacks such a bid. So, go ahead, Mrs. Alma!

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