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Obrovac lies on the river Zrmanja, near the city of Zadar. It is situated 11km from the river Zrmanja mouth. It's location, rich historical heritage, and nature's beauty make Obrovac an attractive tourist destination.

Accomodation: rural farms in Obrovac vicinity.

Natural sights

The most known natural sight is the river Zrmanja and it's canyon where the town is situated. There is also the river Krupa with its interesting waterfalls, lakes and mills.

Heritage, Wine, Food

An old fort is located above Obrovac - the remains of former town of Vučić family that ruled the area. The monastery Krupa, located below the South Velebit mountain and along the river Krupa spring, is one of the most known orthodox monasteries in Croatia. It was built in 1317, during the reign of king Milutin.

One can enjoy gastronomical offer at rural farms in Obrovac surroundings.

Entertainment, Recreation, Excursions

The river Zrmanja canyon is perfect for rafting and boat rides (canoe, kayak). The monastery in the river Krupa valley has a valuable collection of icons and frescoes.

Excursions are organized to Cerovačke caves, Novigrad, Zadar, the national park Paklenica...

Getting there: Obrovac is located by the Zagreb-Zadar motorway (exit Maslenica), near the Jadranska motorway, and by the Zadar-Gračac motorway. It has a good road connectivity, and it's close to Zadar airport.

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