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Novi Vinodolski is a beautiful town on the Kvarner. Hospitality of the people, crystal clear sea, the city and surroundings without industrial pollution, air flow coming from high forests in the immediate hinterland, suitable for hunting. All this give to Novi Vinodolski invaluable environmental and tourism benefits making it an ideal place for holidays.

The former medieval Novi grad, the seat of Vinodol (Roman vallis vinearia) - one of the provinces of Frankopans, began to expand towards the sea and became a big tourist center and famous destination of the northern Adriatic. History and tourism are mixed very nicely in Novi, in which one of the first Croatian legal codes - Vinodolski law has been made.

Accommodation: Hotels, modern tourist resorts, campsites, bungalows, apartments and private rooms.


Natural sights

The Vinodolski Ravine with fertile vineyards and abundant water springs, centennial forests, the high cliffs of the mountain plateau, hinterland with numerous recreational possibilities, a crystal clear sea.

Heritage, Wine, Food

The walls of the Roman Fort Lopsica, remains of the monastery of The Order of Saint Paul the First Hermit, Frankopan castle with a tower, cathedral, St. Trinity Church, St. Marin Church on a little island, Heritage Museum and Gallery, old town centre, original folklore.

This is a valley with a 2000-year long tradition in wine making and there are varieties definitely worth trying. The Vinodolski Canal is rich with fish and scampi, while the hinterland produces a cheese called 'škripavac' and home-made prosciutto - top culinary and wine products served in typical mediterranean taverns.

Entertainment, Recreation, Excursions

Traditional Carnival festivities, International Summer Carnival, Ružica Vinodola: a re-creation of a traditional popular event, a series of cultural and entertaining events, the biggest wellness center in Europe, numerous cycling and walking paths, gazebos, nautical and beach sports....

Excursions to Krk, Senj, Vinodolski raven or the National Parks of Plitvice, Risnjak and Velebit.



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