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Office Of The Croatian President Prof.Dr.Sc. Ivo Josipovic
Web design www.pearlsofcroatia.com with its rich content provides the information about tourism and economic potentials, as well as numerous cultural events throughout our country.
We believe that this portal's concept with an abundance of information is a good guidance to all wishing to obtain a comprehensive view of current events and interesting projects that promote Croatia as a country rich in tourist attractions.
We wish you great success and achievement of the charity fundraising for children's hospital Kantrida and for your further projects.
Head of the Office of the Croatian President Prof.Dr.Sc. Ivo Josipovic
Josko Klisović

Prof. Ivan Đikic had an opportunity to be one of the first to look at the ongoing working draft of the new content and web site design of Pearls of Croatia.
His comment delighted us - "I like the new look of the site, great outlook and very expressive. The idea is very good and I'm willing to support your project and thus help to promote Croatia in the world."
Prof.Ivan Đikic,
Institute of Biochemistry II, Goethe University School of Medicine, Frankfurt

Antonia Misura, Sibenik's Basketball Club "Jolly Adriatic Bank" and the Croatian national team player, selected for the most beautiful athlete of XXX. Olympic Games in London in 2012, in an interview with for Pearls of Croatia:
At the very end of this pleasant conversation, I'd say that I like your portal (www.pearlsofcroatia.com), primarily because it is different from the others, no gossip and fiction, just writing about smart and normal stuff!
So much from me, warm greetings to all visitors of the po rtal www.pearlsofcroatia.com!
Antonia Misura

Tom Zanoski and Sasa Martinovic, hockey players, popular members of Zagreb’s Medveščak team in an interview with the Pearls of Croatia:
Tom Zanoski " Outstanding portal, clean prints, great help foreigners and tourists who are interested in or want to be on holiday in Croatia."
Sasa Martinovic: I can only repeat Tom's words :) "
Tom Zanoski and Sasa Martinovic

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