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The old city of Pag was devastated by Zadar (Venice), but salt works next to which the town was built has been too important for economy. In 1443, the construction of a new city of Pag, the one we know today, began according to strict blueprints of the Croatian Renaissance sculptor and architect Juraj Dalmatinac and was completed in 20 years.

Pag is a town of sea salt!

Little has changed in the very centre of the city. Beside salt, Pag discovered tourism very early and dedicated itself to it like a true host that offers its guests abundance of clean sea, exotic, specific landscape and snowy white pebble beaches that, like a pearl necklace, surround the island and the channel of Pag. Pag is well connected with the inland by a bridge and a ferry line.

Accommodation: hotels, apartments, private rooms, campsites.


Natural sights

Specific rocky landscape, low grass and kilometres of stone walls (stone fences), salt works, medicinal mud „peloid“, medicinal herbs that grow freely in nature, marked point of the 15th meridian.

Heritage, Wine, Food

The old city centre is a unique monument, ornamented portals of stone houses door-posts, and city palaces with blazons of aristocratic families, the parish church is a valuable monument of culture and art, the palace of the Prince, two medieval towers, remains of the Old Pag (2km from the city), old depots for salt, a Benedictine monastery and Abbey of St. Peter, folk costumes and the unique lace from Pag.

Pag can boast with autochthonic types of wine (Gegić and Žutica), a special prosecco (sherry), original brandy (rakia) from Pag. In relation to the gastronomic offer, the most known specialities are the cheese and lamb from Pag that have a specific flavour which they owe to the characteristic grazing of the sheep. There are also other traditional dishes like žgvancet, saur, and an interesting dish in the cuisine of Pag is the preparation of snails. A special delicacy is „baškotin“, aromatic hard rolls that are prepared by the Benedictines.

Entertainment, Recreation, Excursions

Winter and summer Carnival, a series of concerts and manifestations, surfing, cycling (120km of arranged cycling trails), diving, water-skiing and there are climbing polygons at two locations.

Trips around the entire island or to Zadar and to national parks Paklenica, Northern Velebit, Plitvice and Kornati.



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