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During the initial stages of creating the "Pearls-Touch of Croatia" concept, we crystallized the idea of creating unique and dynamic links between our partners and you - the service users.
Taking into consideration your interests and wishes, we have formed – THE PEARLS CLUB.


PEARLS CLUB offers numerous benefits to all members of the Partners Club.
Discounts from 10-50% regarding:

  • accommodation and catering facilities
  • cocktail, lounge, disco and night clubs
  • stores, boutiques and souvenir shops
  • tourism, rent-a-car and yacht charter agencies
  • spa, wellness and spa centres
  • golf, diving, tennis and other clubs
  • business and training
  • marketing and PR services
  • web page development
  • buying flights and marine maps
  • purchasing tickets for cultural, show business and sports,
  • upon membership, purchasing daily and weekly newspapers and magazines


  1. All adult persons may become a full paying member.
  2. Upon paid membership fees, members receive a card and status of a full member of the club.
  3. The membership fee is valid for 1 year (365 days) from date of payment.
  4. The card is the property of M.E.D. Marketing d.o.o., and on request must be returned.
  5. Choosing and paying the membership fees, provides the right for eventual discounts for Pearls Partner Club membership
  6. Membership is extended by paying 15 days prior to the expiration of membership fees, of which each member will be notified on time.
  7. Members immediately receive written confirmation of club membership and will shortly receive a card which serves as proof of membership.
  8. Discounts can be achieved only by presenting a numbered card or certificate of membership during the period, prior to receiving the membership card.
  9. Member discounts are valid to all partners presented on the portal
  10. Each member receives a regular newsletter with updated notification of new facilities.
  11. Members are obliged to inform us of inadequate service of Partners. The complaint must be reasoned with the facts and refrained form being offensive.
  12. On a yearly basis, members are requested to choose the best subjects by categories. All members who provide their vote enter the selection for worthy annual rewards.

Further information will be available soon!

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