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M.E.D. Marketing is proud to launch our new web portal "PEARLS OF CROATIA".

Pearls of Croatia is a holiday and tourist web portal that helps travellers find everything they need to plan and book their dream holiday or trip to the Croatian Pearls without having to look at lots of wide and meaningless adverts. We don’t just provide direct contact, links, and information about holiday destinations; we select carefully from the most attractive places and give advice and recommendations.

The "Pearls of Croatia" web portal is to show everything the best that Croatia has to offer. Our name evokes associations of exceptional beauty and quality in every aspect.

Croatian pearls are a thing of natural beauty - quality tourist offerings, artists, inventors, athletes,  beach goers mixed with, sacred objects and, cultural events. All of them must combine together to create a rounded picture of a beautiful country and enhance the power of synergy to each other in the highest spheres.
Our goal is not just a presentation of exclusive and expensive offerings, because it does not necessarily mean a winning combination and enjoyment for all.

We want to promote "the quality of time" that is often highly subjective in nature, because different people enjoy different things.
Our goal is to present quality criteria and our web site implements filter controls, and to avoid the usual mariad array of massive adverts and offers.
We want to create a site that is an opinion leader, and those who give advice and recommendations suggest objectively how best to use free time and from the moment make an unforgettable experience.

In an effort to give the whole project and the local Croatian signature, our desire is to make the slogan as elegant and discreet.
"Touch of Croatia" fulfills this desire, in a complementary way, completes and enriches the concept and gives it the power to create a strong positive associations with Croatia.
It is important to mention that on the portal all regions are represented, each of them is given the individual attention it deserves. So we want all visitors to the portal be given a greater depth and breadth of interesting and quality offers in previously unrecognized "Croatian Pearls".


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