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Poreč is known for its Roman remains - an important part of the city today, the numerous mosaics that have earned Poreč its nickname 'the town of mosaics', the magnificent Euphrasian Basilica from the 6th century, the adjacent Diocesan palace, the Roman high street called 'decumanus', Roman forum, and the five-sided tower at its eastern end. With its 2000 years long history, Poreč is  today one of the most important and richest tourist destinations on the Adriatic.

Accommodation: Apartment villages, top-quality hotels, camp sites, villas and private rooms.
Hotel Mauro

Natural sights

The cave of Baredine with its beautiful underground halls, The Limski Canal (20 km from the town), the Mirna valley (20 km from the town).

Heritage, Wine, Food

The modern town was harmoniously built on the foundations of the historic Roman settlement, and it has preserved many of the important features of its historical architecture: the high street - Decumanus, The Roman Forum with the remains of the Great Temple, the Early Christian mosaics, the Euphrasian Basilica with the relics of St. Mauro, the Diocesan Palace, the Romanic House, the Canonic House from the 13th century, the Two Saints' House, the medieval city walls, the Zuccato Palace, the Istrian Parliament Hall, etc.

Poreč is the most important centre of the Istrian wine-growing region, with wines such as Malvasia, Teran, and Pinot Gris as well as some contemporary ones such as Chardonnay. The culinary offer is typically Istrian: all kinds of pasta with sauce, ombolo (a smoked fillet), prosciutto, sheep cheese, fish and seafood, truffles, etc.

Entertainment, Recreation, Excursions

Poreč is a city of summer fun, numerous cultural events, sports facilities, wellness programmes, walking and cycling paths in the interior of the peninsula. A Street Art Festival in August, jazz concerts, classical concerts in the Euphrasian Basilica, etc.

Excursions to Limski Canal, Vrsar and Rovinj.

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