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Rab is the island of love. The ancient people Liburnians called it Arbe (dark) because of its evergreen forests that, even today, are situated right along the city. The Emperor Augustus appointed it a Roman municipality and in the Middle Ages its silhouette with firm stone walls was enriched with four bell-towers, and a medieval wall with towers by which Rab is recognizable today. The narrow city streets, small renaissance squares “pjacete”, gothic and renaissance palaces, are features of this town in which history lives even today with rich, tourist offer.

Marvelous landscape diversity and beautiful diverse beaches, make this pearl of Adriatic an breathtaking tourist destination suitable for holidays and enjoyment.

Accomodation: In the sole centre of the city there are several hotels. In the vicinity of the city there is a tourist complex and numerous private boarding houses, apartments, rooms and a large campsite.


Natural sights

City parks and arranged park forests along the city walls (Park Komarčar), the ornithological reserve of the St. Eufemia Bay, the forest park Dundo, and the Kalifront peninsula.


Heritage, Wine, Food

City loggia, architectural complex of the Rector’s Palace, palaces of the city nobility, remains of a Romanic basilica of St. John the Evangelist with a bell-tower - belvedere, the small church of St. Christopher and the St. Wept Cross, the church and bell-tower of St. Andrew, cathedral of Assumption of the Virgin Mary - monument of the highest category with relics of St. Christopher, the city protector, the church and the monastery of St Anthony the Abbot, numerous smaller churches, city walls, sacral collection, art galleries, city clock tower, Franciscan monastery of St Euphemia, St Peter Church in Supetarska Draga.

Rab cake, Rab's Grota, fritters, Rab lentil, fresh fish and seafood prepared in traditional way, Rab lamb, various vegetable soups and meals made under the lid can be tasted in numerous restaurants and taverns. High-quality local wine and olive oil are a part of gastronomic richness. The unique experience will be completed by the autochthonous island restaurant ambience, and above all a warm-hearted welcome by the hosts.


Entertainment, Recreation, Excursions

Knightly tournament of crossbowmen, the Rab Fiera - a three-day manifestation with presentations of medieval life, summer festival in August, performances of Rab a capella singing groups, galleries, evenings of ethno music and dance, evenings of classical music, terraces, entertainment centres with dancing and disco music.

The marked walking and cycling tracks, lavish untouched nature in the forest Dundo, organised diving, boat trips to Pag, Goli otok (ex prison), Mali Lošinj, Zavratnica – protected landscape, the National Parks Plitvice and Paklenica



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