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Many will say that Rovinj is the most picturesque town in all of Croatia, even in the whole of the Adriatic. Indeed, it is rare to find such a beautiful sunset or such magnificent contrasts between the sparkling sea and the green islets (22 of them) spread before the town. Rovinj was first mentioned in the 5th century. At the top of the hill of a former island (connected with mainland since 1763) stands the Church of St. Eufemia. According to the legend, a sarcophagus with St. Eufemia's body was found floating in the 8th century and the saint has been the town's patron ever since.


Rovinj used to be an important commercial and shipbuilding center in Istria, but today it is one of the leading tourist and culinary destinations in Croatia. It is a place of impressions, enjoyment and fun.

Accomodation: Hotels in and near the town and on two of the islands, apartments and private rooms, camping sites and a marina in the town.


Natural sights

The archipelago extending from the islet of Sv. Ivan to Dvije sestrice, Limska Draga Fjord, Zlatni rt parkland, Palud marshes, Romualdo's Cave at the south end of Limska Draga Fjord and the 'Cave di Monfiorenzo' quarry - a geologically natural monument.

Heritage, Wine, Food

The old town centre is a protected cultural and historical monument which contains numerous examples of Romanic and Gothic, renaissance, baroque and neoclassical palaces, windows, balconies, galleries, rooftop terraces, gates and stairs. Three city gates and the baroque Arch of Balbio have also been preserved. There is Centre for Marine Exploration which hosts an interesting aquarium.

Rovinj's restaurants, taverns and pubs offer excellent Istrian and Mediterranean cuisine, where you can try grilled sardines and the house red wine. Shellfish (muscles and oysters) are farmed at Limska Draga Fjord and you can taste them at restaurants in the fjord itself.


Entertainment, Recreation, Excursions

Rovinj offers plenty of entertainment, musical and folklore nights with many bars and clubs. Summer is a busy time with all kinds of artistic events taking place around the town, on the beach and in churches - a true artists' experience. There are baroque concerts, the art fair of Grisia, a festival of photography - Photodays, and other events that attract important national and international artists. The Summer Festival is content-rich and always ends with a three-day event called The Nights of Rovinj (end of August).

Excursions to Limska Draga Fjord, Vrsar, cycling paths, a series of sports facilities, scuba diving, sailing.

Getting there: Good road connections, boats to Venice and Trieste (Italy), airports (Vrsar and Pula).



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