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Even before you lay eyes on the town of Senj, hidden at the foot of the mighty Velebit, you will see one of the town's symbols - the Nehaj Fortress, a renaissance fortress built 450 years ago, after the arrival of the Uskoci.

The town is one of the oldest on the Adriatic coast. It dates back to pre-Roman times, and still has remains from the Roman period when the settlement was called Senia, as well as from the medieval period with the first Croatian printing shop, baroque and neoclassical palaces where Croatian literature was written and first Croatian plays were staged.

Senj is a town with plenty of tradition and it has the craziest summer carnival in Europe. In Senj's streets, protected with well-preserved town walls where even the strong winds blow more gently, a visitor will discover the warmth of a historic town and a warm welcome.

Accomodation: Hotels, B&Bs, private rooms and apartments, campsites.


Natural sights

Velebit , Northern Velebit National Park, Fiord Zavratnica, Vratnik Crook, secluded bays with pebble beaches.


Heritage, Wine, Food

The Renaissance Fortress of Nehaj, which hosts the Uskoci Museum, Cilnica Square and its palaces, Municipal Museum in the Vukasović Family palace, dating from the 14th century, permanent collection of sacral art in Senj, Cathedral of St. Mary's Assumption, built between the 12th and 18th centuries on the foundations of an earlier pagan shrine and early Christian church, Glagolitic monuments from the 11th century and later.

Senj has no authentic wines, but it will delight all gourmet lovers with its exceptional scampi (they say the best scampi in the Mediterranean), fish dishes and typical Mediterranean cuisine.


Entertainment, Recreation, Excursions

Senj offers lots of entertainment, especially in the summer when the town is alive 24 hours a day. Worth seeing are The Days of Uskoci (second week in July), Klapa Festival (a capella male groups, mid July), Sailing Regatta (end of July), Lika in Senj (beginning of August), Summer Carnival (first weekend in August), Assumption Day festivities in Krasno.

Senj is an ideal place for numerous excursions - to Rab, Goli otok and Krk (Baška) by boat, to Lika, Velebit Mountain and trekking routes by car; fishing, sailing...

Getting there: Senj was built at important Roman junctions and it is still very well connected with a good European road infrastructure.



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