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Šibenik is an historical, cultural and economic center, located in the central part of the eastern Adriatic coast. This tourist destination is situated in a picturesque bay, in which river Krka flows in. Šibenik has an exceptional cultural tradition. The old Croatian royal city welcomes you with its fort (Šubićevac) above the city and a fortified entrance into the bay (Fort St. Nicholas), the Šibenik Cathedral that lies in between like a pearl in the shell - a masterpiece of renaissance architecture with a stone roof, the old part of the city with its portals, palaces, and narrow streets.

Accomodation: Hotels and accommodation in family rooms and apartments in the city itself, hotel resorts and rural households in the vicinity of the city.


Natural sights

National parks Krka and Kornati, Channel St. Nicholas.


Heritage, Wine, Food

Saint Jacob`s Cathedral, old city centre, four wells, military forts, walls and the old city gate, city museum, archaeological site Danilo (Danilo culture of the Neolithic).
The area around Šibenik is one of the most famous and top quality wine-growing hills in Croatia in which vineyards of Babić (‘Plavac mali’) the autochthonic kinds of Croatian wines should be especially pointed out. The gastronomy of Šibenik is turned towards the sea, as is the city itself, from shells cultivated upstream towards the mouth of Krka, to fresh-water fish and seafood.


Entertainment, Recreation, Excursions

Nautical fairs, the world famous International Children`s Festival, Medieval Šibenik Fair, evenings of ‘klapa’ singing a dalmatian chansons, antiquity fair, bodulsko pripetavanje - a local sport event, nightclubs, terraces with live music, theatre performances, concerts, sport manifestations...

Walking tours around the city, sailing, cycling tours, visits to National parks Kornati and Krka, falcon centre, eco-ethno village Dalmati, Nature park Vransko jezero (lake), island of Zlarin... 

Traffic connectivity

Šibenik is situated amidst all significant traffic roads and is excellently connected with the entire Croatia and Europe. Airports in Split and Zadar.



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