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Someone once wrote – had God not chosen river Jordan to be “His river”, he would have definitely picked the river Krka, one of the most magnificent rivers in the world. In its canyon, amongst a series of jewels of nature lies a pearl– Skradin, Roman Scardona.

Erected at the place of passionate embrace between the river and the sea, this is a town full of peace, tastes, and scents. Skradin is a picturesque town enriched by 6000 years of history.

Accomodation: A family hotel and lodgings, private accommodation in rooms and suites in the city, or in rural ambiance of village households, camping.


Natural sights

River Krka (National Park) with its waterfalls, islands, lakes – ornithological reserve Guduča.

Heritage, Wine, Food

Several Roman sites with rich findings in Skradin itself, medieval fort of the Vice Roy Šubić Bribirski, Bribirska glavica (“0” category archaeological site from prehistoric period till late Middle Ages – Liburnian, Roman and old Croatian centre), Dubravice – old Croatian cemetery from 8th and 9th century, convent Visovac, monastery Krka...

Around Skradin there are several wine producers. The wine of winery «Bedrica» was pronounced one of the six best wines in the world back in 1932, and the Skradin brandy (‘rakia’) made from rose flowers is also well known.

The main gastro specialities of Skradin are shells (oysters, mussels), but also a special offer of fish, cheese, smoked ham (prosciutto) and olive oil, the original products of the Skradin hinterland that arrive directly at your table. We would like to single out the Skradin risotto, the Skradin almond cake, bread and other dishes baked under the bell... 

Entertainment, Recreation, Excursions

Eco-ethno fair, a capella singing groups meetings, walking and cycling tracks, visit to the National park Krka, rowing, sailing, the mouth of the river Krka - from Šibenik to Prukljan and Skradin is extremely attractive to navigators, trips to the near vicinity: Šibenik, Vransko Lake (Nature Park), Zadar, Trogir, Vodice...



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