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Land of a thousand islands“, „Small country for a big vacation“, „The Mediterranean as it once was“ – these are just few slogans that describe Croatia.

Croatia is most famous for its long coast-line and one thousand islands which has been a favourite tourist destination for decades for travellers from around the world.

This country in the heart of Europe has a wealth of natural beauty, and can boast that it has a treasury of a thousands years long history. Croatia is at the crossroads of West and East, middle-european and south mediterranean spirit.

Croatian tradition is supplemented with an urban culture that counts more cities than any other part of the Mediterranean. Every year Croatia is visited by more then 10 millions tourists, particularly on the coast and its islands. In the last few years towns and villages in continental part of Croatia have recorded a significant rise in the number of visitors which strengthens agrotourism, „robinson tourism, health and cultural tourism.

2010 saw a record breaking year by the number of tourist arrivals, and by the number of overnight stays; prominent british papers „Guardian“ recently included Croatia in the top 5 most desirable european tourist destinations.

Come and discover what makes Croatia such an attractive destination, and why it is one of the shiniest pearls of the Mediterranean. Discover Croatia for the first time, and you will surely want to return over and over again.

Our website is dedicated to the best pearls Croatia has to offer, as well as giving information about the coast, the islands and continental Croatia, we also reveal some of the less known beutifull places that you may not find on other such websites. For each place you can find out information such as: cultural and natural sights, accomodation offers, information about traffic connections, and most notable gastronomical and enological characteristics of the specific area.

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