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Varaždin is a baroque pearl of Croatia and central Europe, a city in which history has so harmoniously immersed into the present, creating a unique setting for a pleasant and fulfilled stay.

Well preserved medieval centre with numerous palaces, churches and monasteries is a fantastic setting for tourist walks around the city. This is where you will be welcomed by smiling faces of the local hosts, pleasant terraces, restaurants with a diverse offer, museum collections and everyday tourist events. On the edge of Zagorje and Podravina, Varaždin historically developed as a cultural, economic and administrative center of northern Croatia.

What makes Varaždin a unique and desirable tourist destaination, and what separates it from other Croatian towns, is it’s extraordinary monumental and artistic heritage, with most preserved and richest baroque urban entirety in continental Croatia.

Varaždin is simply a city with a style!

Accomodation: Hotels in the city and in its vicinity, castle, boards, private rooms and apartments.


Natural sights

River Ivanščica, Ravna Gora, Arboretum Opeka Vinica, thermal source in Varaždinske Toplice, Drava Park Forest, Trakošćansko Lake


Heritage, Wine, Food

Palaces of Croatian nobility, city churches with their magnificent baroque altars, squares and streets of the old city, the Old City, Entomological Collection…

Varaždin is the centre of gastronomy in which the Viennese – central European cuisine combines with the rich tradition of its own original meals, such as the famous turkey from the Zagorje region, delicious roast meat, soupy meals, Varaždin bread klipić, numerous cakes and high-quality vines from the vineyards in northern Croatia.


Entertainment, Recreation, Excursions

City festival Špancirfest, the Varaždin Baroque Evenings, Days of Performance and Contemporary Dance, Trash Fil Festival, Park for the youth, cycling and walking tracks.

Excursions to mountain Ivanščica and the river Drava, the spa Varaždinske Toplice, Trakošćan, the castles of Hrvatsko Zagorje, vineyards of Međimurje, Čakovec, Zagreb...



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