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The old Vrbnik nested on a 50-metre high, almost vertical rock. It is one of the oldest settlements on the island of Krk. Vrbnik is the cradle of Croatian literacy, the Glagolithic script, culture and religiousness (the town gave several very significant bishops).


A walk down the old streets of Vrbnik, down the narrowest street in the world and the views, from several sightseeing points, of Crikvenica and Novi Vinodolski are thrilling. Several galleries, numerous monuments, cosy restaurants-taverns , and interesting beaches along the town and in its vicinity, all these make Vrbnik an attractive tourist destination.

Accommodation: hotels, apartments, private rooms

Natural sights

Hidden beaches, the rock on which the town was erected, the Vrbnik field with 100 hectares of vineyards

Heritage, Wine, Food

The Frankopan castle, Vrbnik Statute from 1388 (Glagolithic script), Glagolithic monuments, remains of the Frankopan walls with a tower, «Baćin  dvor» - a Frankopan building from the 16th century of the church of brotherhood, a large parish church, library of Vitezić with exceptionally valuable books, a replica of the Glagolithic printing machine, sacral collection Desetinec, Ethno Museum, Museum of the visual identity of Vrbnik.

Vrbnik offers the traditional island cuisinene, lamb, goulash (stew), šurlice (local pasta), but also top quality fish and shrimps from the Vinodol channel.

In recent times Vrbnik is known for the excellent white wine Žlahtina(means „noble“) of controlled origin that is grown in the vineyards in the Vrbnik field. Excellent fig brandy (rakia) is also produced in Vrbnik.

Entertainment, Recreation, Excursions

„Razgon“ -  shepherds` festivity, „Dani vrbenskih  šurlic“ (Days of local pasta šurlice from Vrbnik), meetings of klapas, swimming marathon Vrbnik – Risika, „Nedija od vrbenskih kumpanij“, „Days of wines of the island of Krk“, „Days of Figs“, exhibitions in several galleries in Vrbnik and in the open.

Hiking and cycling routes to nearby places, boat trips to Crikvenica, Novi Vinodolski or the Krk island tour.



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